observations on an autumn day

by Kitty Boots

the ospreys have left
remnants of stick nests dangle from trees

leathery egg cases from terrapins are still visible on the high tide line
I rescued babies during the last Nor'easter,
struggling in the surf, egg yolks still attached
moved them up to the estuary and crossed my fingers

the morning shadows are different
and even as the day gives way to a cobalt sky
the sun is slanted, weak

the mulberry tree is discharging yellow leaves,
crimped and bordered with fungus
the pines lay down a soft, brown carpet of needles

Guernsey lilies defy the drought and burst out of the ground like scarlet sparklers
only female hummingbirds now and golden finches have changed suit to olive drab

a harvester sits in the middle of a corn field,
a river of yellow kernels flow with the dust and haze

macho bucks in velvet defy you driving down the lane
they'll need that bravado
hunters are already running their hounds, driving deer onto the beach

time to wear orange