Semiotics For Sale

by j. h. woodyatt

Buy random DNA on the open market 
   and drive a poisoned stake into the heart of darkness. 

This particular item-- I don't think the coding is going 
   to be hard.  I think the protocol definition is where 
   all the work will be. 

A cycle of negotiation.  A rope.  A tree.  A bird. 

Traditional user name sort of thing.  You know, big room, 
   tile floors, wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling whiteboards 
   on all four walls, proxcard access on the metal door. 

Anonymous trades.  The RNA peels off the side and slips 
   out past the firewall.  A transaction takes place in 
   the ether.  No blame. 

Sapient glass basically.  Glass is a liquid, you know. 
   It's just really, really viscous.  Like you.