Europa Sonnets (A work in progress 1-4)

by Iain James Robb





So this is how the Western world ends, with a shrug:

Great lanes extinguished of the lamps that yearned

Once for tomorrows turnstiled as agog

We watch you, Paris, long rejected, burned-

If without flame from exiled natives, yearly

As you were cast from quisling governments-

Macron the Rothschild traitor, varnished hourly

In smiles that sneer at ramshacked pediments.

No reparation for the slaughtered myriads,

The mutilators dead, but hands that string

Kalergi's grand momentum smash the dryads

Of vacant courts and know no answering.

We had guessed the fix was in, but watch your futures;

Your trust may bring the one that's none and none that's yours.


Grand bastard, Soros, NGO manoeuvers

Carried in the Plan's name on the stilléd swell
Of Libyan waters, all your gene outbreeders 
Cannot usurp the ready, or save Hell
From claiming your masonic rivelled features

The moment our economies bid farewell

To they who crashed them only to build sutures

Cast of barbed flex, wherein the standards dwell-

Of paper currents bloated and redacted.
Hail, O Lord Rothschild, Monty, Kaiser Burns,
Your French branch did once what is now enacted,

On Armenian rocklines. Learned again what earns,
The bribing of the vanguard of the drafted,
That mocks once fair of France and spares no urns.


Der große Verräter, Merkel, how your oarage
Spins its heaps from your belov'd Somali seas,

To lend upon your Babylonian whorage,
Bought mother worship, food upon the breeze
They will not eat when grown, but will abuse you
With the ones who do not profit from your rape:
Committed once again upon the purview

Of some hundred years that granted no escape

For Prussian due, or Europe, from the bindings
Of central bankers: how they puppet zoos
From destoned cities, churches wrecked, and rindings

Faecal as your words, and still the spread refuse

Picks new momentum outward to its voters:

Yet who kills their lands stills hands yet, from your curs.  


Un popolo senza radici sono facili da manipolare;
Ils seront enchaînés pour voter pour des marionnettes égales.
Essi non sono allevati per vedere oltre lo schermo del proiettore...
Quel plaisir qu'ils auront en matière de drôles aux carnavals…
Y las obras pasan como lavandería vacía lavada más allá de la limpieza,
Und die fröhlich bunten Bildschirm wird grau als nicht Reue Fleischereien;
Los consumidores de castas de esclavos se ríen de nada para fingir respuesta-Mechaniker Kaffee farbigen Massen Dank für Nichts codierten.
Elitarna rasa, która zaprogramuje to, jest wolna w zamkach dalekomorskich;
Fri från våldtäkterna av döttrarna som bär
Generna de skulle hamstra för sig själva-
Zacieranie go przez Europę w zazdrość, Urodzeni w uparty Trojan bicz...    
    And a world in Esperanto lingers blind as timelessly:
    The uneyed grey of lime-washed laundry, on the ravished tapestry.