Europa Sonnets - 5-8

by Iain James Robb


To hate one's race is always overrated;

We built fair cities where there were no huts.

The Frankfurt School should all have been castrated,

And strung up by a noose made of their guts.
Marcuse, you have caused the death of Europe,
With Gramsci, Adorno, Freud and all your scum;

May wailing hail flay you below Hell's rooftop,

And use your beaten brainbox for a drum.

You have poisoned all our young with your Satanic

Farce of theory, but those ones who won't see pass

To privilege, retained for anti-phallic

Arbiters of mindwipe; do you class
Your lies as noble where you are? Your books will join you
In the fire. Marcuse, we are onto you.


...Indoctrination Central, and the parents
Of Western whites have no protective rules,
Against the child wipers set by governments

Bribed to hold them hostage, neutered in their schools-

Oh, may you lose your tax extorted tenures,

And face disgrace by all if not the gun,

Postmodern refuse planted by indentures

To sow the seed-wrack, UN 21.

We were wise enough to read from your Agenda;

Did you think we'd fall for it, and would not know
The minds you plan to merge inside your blender,
And the reservation fields where none may grow?
It is late, but we will face abomination
To our death, than fledge grey wings beneath your sun.


...The right inviolate, of her, across her body,
Yet who would voice another's to decide

To slay Caucasian ranks of males, obverse of pity,

That we see as what it is — white genocide?
And they are praised for not denying it; misandry
Is the root of schism bleeding birthrates dry,

And the ludicrous transtrenders claim their city,

And reverse our marriage beds and watch us die.

The hordes brought in to violate our daughters

Are the same excused from practices unowned

By those the third wave class as gender owners-

Or paint usurpers of the lives of those left stoned

In the countries ravaged long, as shall the sisters

They won't recognise join ranks, with those unthroned.


It amused us when Macron, the rectum licker
Of the Rothschilds and Frau Merkel, the Great Whore,

Was offset in implementing the Agenda,
Though he won't need Trump, to bleed his country more.
It will go the way of Spain, and our ecology
Is pawned beyond our range across the board,
Protectionism suffocating industry,

As the multinationals add its lands to hoard:

The Federal Reserve, the hub of usury,

That charged the dollar its own interest since '13-
And all great lairs are rooked that reared economy
Beyond the reach of hoax of Red or Green.

An impasse was reached; it will be temporary,

As are we, who cast beyond the Mask, or die.