Mom forgot her phone!

by Husayn R

Oh man, oh god, oh man, oh god, oh man!

She-she forgot her phone! She's been gone 5 minutes! Mom. How- how is she gonna call me if she gets in trouble, how is she-

I turn on the TV. Maybe I can find her on the news! She said was going to the local market. News people love markets. Organic food and stuff is the “in” thing nowadays.

“…and today is our segment, Your Fresh Greens, is brought to you by…”

Yes! I can see if she's at the store! I hate shopping. I'd rather stay at home. I told her I'd memorize my multiplication tables. White lie. Please let it not be the last thing I say to my Mom!

“…sending it to you Bet-oh wait, we have this just in, a three car accident on Telephone Avenue. We're heading to the scene, after these-“

OH CRAP! She's in the accident. 

Howisthishappeneingtheonedaysheforgetsherphoneandimfreakingoutand. I should call dad, I should call my brother, I should call my grandma- I SHOULD CALL THE POLICE!!!

The garage door opens. In walks Mom.

“Hey honey, forgot my phone. Can't forget the phone nowa-," she pauses. "Are you alright? Are you sure you don't want to come? We can stop for an Icy drink!”

“I'm coming, Mom! Don't leave without me!”