Politicouscous II

by Gary Hardaway

Charlie Krauthammer

He looks, on Fox,
like something once
embalmed and buried
resurrected as an
entertainment- grotesque
caricature of the human.
Re-inter that rotted corpse.

Field Test for the Class War

“It'll take any finish clean off.”
He saturated the red cotton cloth
and rubbed the Obsidian Black Metallic
down to steely gray base metal
in an arched brow just above the left headlight
then balanced it out above the right headlight.
The shiny SLK looked surprised.
“See? Gone. Graffiti of erasure.”

Same Shit, Different Era

In which era was it not a scary world?
Last century, the perils were both red and yellow
after Jerry was undone. Now, they're brown
and cross, without respect, the Rio Grande
and, further west, less visible arid boundaries.
None propose a fence across the north. I daresay
it's Canucks that steal the best new jobs.

Of course, we have the yellow peril still,
inscrutable new wave capitalists
mucking up the flow of cash and trinkets,
picking up the slack from chastened Tokyo.
The red that's most declaimed today is mostly ink
though, damn, that dark-skinned POTUS looks
a little pinkish when the light shines from the right


Please, don't add another wing
to the DMA or seed-fund a public park
as a young son's namesake. Build
a non-predatory grocery store where
working poor can catch a break
from bleached pork and chicken
with an altered expiration date.
Build a widget works in Youngstown
or Waxahachie. Do what you claim
to have done amassing the wealth
it takes to add a breast cancer pavilion
to Presbyterian and take a real risk
of only breaking even where
forsaken siblings loiter, stunned and stoned.

Accelerate Extinction

Vote for Mitt
and let them just
get on with it -
the short last chapter
in the horrifying
Book of Man.
Drill baby drill
so we can
burn baby burn
and taste Atlantic salt
silent on a hill
near Nashville.
They have a plan
and he's their man
with head and breast
of ready clay
easy to mold
whichever way
the Kochs and Roves
might say is best.