Can You Imagine?

by Damion Hamilton

“Can you imagine what we could have accomplished, if we would have just gotten all the fuckin out of the way?”  says Doug Stanhope, one of my favorite comedians, and one of the most brilliant, harsh straight to point utterances, I've heard from anyone

We have did so much: with our surgeries, antibiotics, cell phones, Internet, and so much more

We could have accomplished much more though

If we were not so focused and in pursuit of that sex act

It could have been so easy, instead of filled with all the games,
Courtship and bullshit that it encompasses

And we would have had time to focus our energies on something more
Important and creative that would have helped us all out.

You think of all the hardships that plague humanity: all the cancers, heart disease, lung disease, strange ailments of the human body,  Alheizmer's, MS
The earthquakes, the droughts, the floods, the plagues
Probably could have been cured by some math or science whiz kid, upset
That he or she couldn't get laid.  Staring up the skirt of hot girl in his Calculus class

And he or she spent their short time brooding over that, instead of the truly
Important shit

And humanity, that's a hard price to pay baby

For something, that has such an extreme value placed on it

That really shouldn't