Mr. Feisty Mischievous

by Chad Smith

My name is Mr. Feisty Mischievous

Put it into a search engine

Shaken and stirred

You like the way it rolls off your tongue

Usually irresponsibly playful

Got a bit feisty and tried to hit me

Investigating the wedding photos

Ceremony on a cliff

Sales person or spokesmodel?

Her feet got tangled in the dress

Though she regained her balance

She still leapt to her death

Gather a file of the best list

Paranoid and delightfully restless

Rock musics coursing through veins

Rip headphones off and howl

Twelve o' clock can't get here soon enough

Is Germany hiding around every corner?

What the Hell is this?

Burn the evidence

Eyes dart back and forth

Palms are itchy again

How do you feel


Right now

At this moment?

We don't think

We act

Jump to attention

Got to move quick

Catch your breath? No

Speed freak

Seems awfully fast

Unrealistic and ridiculous

It is the spark that gets us to move

Good vibes can give the sense

That this doesn't make sense

Kicking names and taking ass

Undiluted diabolical deviants

Together we will smite our enemies

And the others who stand against us

His nervous cackle makes me sick

Oh, if only

Times were different

That knife

Would fit so nicely in his back

I smile

Your slight grin raises the hairs on my neck

I laugh

As you flip the switch

One for the mommy

Two fast will grow

Three packed and ready

Four this scene we'll blow