gravelortian part 11

by Chad Smith

Lulled into a complacent calm
He didn't notice the man sitting in the lawn
Next to the stadium, with the suitcase open on the grass
Calmly taking out pieces and putting together
The assault rifle

"We hold these truths to be self-evident"
That rubbed him the wrong way
Was there really a time when people believed there was a truth?
Well that is just obvious man

He currently has two pains
His ankle from when he twisted it jumping over the fence yesterday
And the pain that stretched from the back of his eyes
To his left shoulder
So stiff

Not paying attention
Quick, tell me what the man looked like
Give a description
I can't

OK here's how it's going to go down
I'm going to take these pieces of brick
And throw them as hard as I can at
The windows of that ugly office building

A false sense of security
I'm going to set my tent up over there
Behind that ugly office building
In the bushes
You pull the curtains and sleep out front
In your blue van

That rock there smashed through the window
Rolled across the floor
It didn't set off the alarm
It's easier to sleep when the alarms don't go off
That window there didn't shatter
It's doubled paned
For security purposes

It had become evident that she truly only cared about herself
And who doesn't really?
OK here's how we are going to stay safe
Sit up straight and be self-confident
Look them in the face
Pay attention
Don't be afraid