We of the Paper-doll Brigade Are Not Hiding Our True Selves Anymore, A FaceBook Flash

by Catherine Davis

Catherine > Kim  (Catherine · Kim · See Friendship!)

I can't figure out this new fb LOOK. Mystify me one more time! You? Anyway, so, Thursday,  7 p at The Dive?

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Catherine:  'kay, good. I am confused by your new paper-doll look, btw. Could you please look regular again by Thursday?
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Kim: It's the new me!
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Catherine: now that you mention it, I realize that I feel exactly the same way.  If I can just sort out how to off all these these prof pics... bRb!
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Kim: i must tell u that i am thinking about doing smthing different w my hair.... but my makeup goes on so much more smoothly now!
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:  got ya on the MU. Honestly, for me, this hair's a def improvement (enough with the clothespins.)  I like how solid sister we're presenting here, girl. The hair... uh, nearly a flip, but not. Maybe we can talk to that fb stylist about kicking up a little more flip action? I have aspirations, know what I mean.  ;-)
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Kim:  I'm thinking perhaps an up-do for the holidays...?
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Totally. (So, you have any INs w/ those fb dudes?)

But — let's just stick with the flip for Thursday, okay? 

2 minutes ago  

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