by Brian Mihok

Zorro lived in his mother's basement until he could get back on his feet. In the basement was a tall mirror in front of which Zorro pretended things. Once when he was a traffic cop a driver drove through his stop sign. Zorro was furious and halted the car mid-street. Another time he was John Lennon. Zorro looked over at George and smiled before screaming again and patting the pick guard of his Rickenbacker. Zorro's mother was single and often forgot he was down there. They didn't eat together or shop together. They kept different sleeping patterns, as Zorro didn't keep a job. In the spring Zorro's mother went on a cruise to Halifax. The note she left said there's a roast in the freezer. Zorro took the little money he had and made a deposit on a studio apartment in Weekhawken. When his mother returned home she found a note that read burned the roast.