Jack and Jane

by Brian Michael Barbeito

I wonder if the Pleiadians are out there.

Jack, what are you talking about? said Jane.

The Pleiadians. I said I wondered if they were out there.

You did go to special school, didn't you?

No, said Jack, I didn't. I don't know why you always tell people that.

Because you are quite a few tads off, that's why, so I am trying to lighten the room.

I knew this girl, said Jack, and I think she was from Sirius. She had this way of talking, and this thing about her, and everyone, even the smartest people we knew, agreed there was something entirely different about her. She had everyone stumped.

Maybe she went to special school. And I thought you were talking about Pleiadians.

Just listen. I'm serious, though the thing is, I don't think she knew she was from Sirius. I saw this other girl, and I was amazed that she looked similar and talked the same way, as the original girl, you know...with this nuance that sounded at first like a vague remnant of an accent, but one that nobody could place. Well, as if that wasn't enough, this girl relayed that through a strange series of events she experienced and information she researched, how she came to believe she was from Sirius. I almost fell off my chair when she said it.


Cut it out, said Jack. I am.

Well, there is no way to tell. You never know and can never really know now, can you?

Nope. But I wonder.

Ya. I know, said Jane. You already said as much.

And there are bad ones also, if there is anything to it. There is this researcher, and he said that he interviewed hundreds of people. Was an academic too. One of the only two people in history to actually receive a doctorate, in 1970, in the subject. He found a trend. He found that these people he studied had the same experiences as one another. He also said that he not only didn't ask leading questions, but purposely asked misleading questions, trying to get people away from the topic, to more prosaic explanations. Some people were shown a video by the space people of humans doing normal human things, say, having a BBQ, or doing the things people do during a Saturday afternoon at the park. They asked the humans if anything looked out of place.


And the humans told them nothing looked out of place.

So what? asked Jane.

Well, the space people were trying to see if their hybrid program would work seamlessly, and they said, See, everything is going to be just fine.

I think, said Jane, that your academic sounds as if he is the principal of the special school, and if he is not, he should apply.