It's Like

by Bill Yarrow

It's like sewing a rip in your jeans with garter snakes instead of thread.
It's like watching a Russian film with the ghost of Ronald Reagan.
It's like squeezing three-bean salad out of a toothpaste tube.
It's like driving from Detroit to Denver in a cardboard car.
It's like swimming in Maalox.
It's like eating drywall.
It's like, it's like...
It's like drawing with Cesium.
It's like interviewing a neutrino.
It's like French-kissing a shaman.
It's like reading Moll Flanders in Urdu.
It's like fact-checking Joseph of Arametheia.
It's like changing the colostomy bag on a Berkshire pig.
It's like digging a tunnel to Trenton with your mother's tongue.