Love Tracer

by Ann Bogle


(1:27 a.m.): "Hi honey it's about code (?) at 230 or so. I don't know what what time it is but it's it's it's snowing like crazy where I am in center (?). I would I would I would really hope that if you wake up. You would call me at my cell phone. Just call me and tell me you love me. I love you I'm stuck here. This is a disaster area. Okay."

(1:36 a.m.): "Hi this it's it's Tommy I'm I'm trying to call you but I guess you're asleep or or some place else. I'm trying to call you because I'm trying I wanna talk to you because I love you."

(2:56 a.m.): "Hi it's Charlie it's Pat at 4:00 in the morning my time. I just wanna tell you that I wouldn't mind getting him in bed with you the rest of my life."

What did he say? I know the answer because I listened to all three messages when I awoke. 7, 7, 7 ... 7 is to delete. 7 because he gets mad in thinking that I tape him. I do not tape him, I say: voice mail tapes him. Everyone knows that! Voice mail is a tape. His ex-wife tapes their phone calls in progress, he said she said. Why does she do that? I say. Now I think of her as customer service.

(2:07 p.m.): "And Margaret Kansas."