Some Advice

by A. Pseudonym

We have told each other lies
We have made a pact against the truth, and
We have agreed not to trust each other.
I will not let you down
I have some advice for you:

Boldness is for characters
It is a plot device, it is a word
It is not available to you
Because you are a real person
Not a hero
Not an idea

When you see a beautiful thing
turn to what inside you loves it
ponder that, ponder your seeing
look closely at yourself
do not take the risk
of being disingenuous

People will tell you what the truth is
what it looks like, what it sounds like
but they cannot know, they will all be wrong
anticipate them
do not be caught off your guard

Justify your metamorphasis.
You are not a butterfly.
Solve the problem, but show your work
a guess is not enough, the proofs are required
take your time
find good reasons for your actions
or do not act at all.

Above all be consistent
and encircle your integrity.
Cohere, collect yourself
do not waver, prevent regret.
You know there are the doubleminded tossed by waves
the double people unstable in their ways
the inconsistent ones:
have nothing in common with them
do not indulge in their experience of life

it is not worth it.