by A. Pseudonym

The eater's pose extending the fork in hand toward the bowl wherein the appetizer lay readied. Salad, carefully configured for its purposes mixing vitality with pleasure which should not be differentiated, don't you agree? Colors selected for their symmetry: dryblood beets halved, spinach with cold droplets of rinsewater communicating freshness, the ivory crumble of goat cheese connecting the mainstays. Red green and white in balance preparing for the tines and serene in the waiting.

The eater's eye choosing between options and their combinations and measuring potential gratification. Spinach rewards the reflective instinct but promises less to the tongue, where the beet tastes as thorough as it looks. Goat cheese an ornament not to be indulged with too much consideration. So let us space the red and green evenly with a care like in checkers not to end on the wrong one and ensure the failure of the experience. By calculation the green should go first so that red may conclude. Green-red-green-red-green-red-green-red, white throughout but more at the beginning before it lessens at the end to fragments in isolation picked up only with more effort than is warranted by the aim. Commence.