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    Joani Reese
    Dec 05, 07:13pm

    Hi All:

    Thank you, Susan, for inviting me to this group. If I post a piece here, does it show up on the regular wall as well? There are some pieces I'd rather just place here. Also, are there any private groups where some serious workshopping happens? There are times I'd really like some ideas for my unpublished pieces and times I'd also like to comment about changes I can see that would make someone else's work stronger, but I hesitate to say too much as I don't want to ruffle any feathers with unwanted suggestions.


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    Susan Tepper
    Dec 05, 08:04pm

    Hi JP & All You Other Fabulous Women Writers: To answer JP's question. This is not a private group or a critique group, though members may certainly critique if someone asks for that to be done.
    And the piece does have to be posted onto F'naut as normal, then sent to this group.
    Our only criteria is WOMEN ONLY.
    Cheers! Susan

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    Joan Stepp Smith
    Dec 06, 03:26am

    Thanks for the invitation, Susan. Looking forward to posting here!


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    Catherine Arnold
    Dec 06, 04:21am

    Thanks, Susan. Like the poster image, too.

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    Susan Tepper
    Dec 06, 04:34pm

    It's thrilling to have all you great F'naut Women Writers at WAF! Keep those stories coming!

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    Susan Gibb
    Dec 06, 05:32pm

    This sounds super, Susan! I'm going to wait to post only because I've just recently posted a couple stories already, but I have a good story in mind for this!

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    Susan Tepper
    Dec 06, 06:17pm

    Susan G-- whenever you're ready, we're ready...

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    Gloria Mindock
    Dec 06, 06:55pm

    Ok Susan, I just posted something like you asked and sent to this group. I have never sent to a group before but just posted. It was easy to do. My brain was happy! I have one more to post here but have to wait since I just posted this.
    Thanks again for everything-

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    Susan Tepper
    Dec 06, 07:37pm

    Hey Gloria, thanks for sending your poem!

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