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    Rob Walker
    Dec 04, 07:45pm

    So any of the objects in our group picture appeal? Was thinking I'd let the group decide if I should post another, or hope for more stories on the music box. I love the two we've gotten on that, so maybe potential contributors are waiting for something new?

    Meanwhile Fictionaut asked some Q's, and I answered, here:

    I welcome group members thoughts about, you know, how this group should be run/conducted/etc.

  • Jhowarddcnoir.thumb
    Jennifer Howard
    Dec 08, 10:00am

    I'm partial to the egg whisk, but that's probably because I have one. I'm curious to see what others do with the music box.


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    Ben White
    Dec 08, 12:50pm

    I'm pretty sure I own that egg whisk, so it's got my vote.

  • Jhowarddcnoir.thumb
    Jennifer Howard
    Dec 09, 10:20pm

    Hmm. Maybe it's not fair, in the S.O. framework, to write about an object we already own. I'm pretty darn attached to that whisk.

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    Rob Walker
    Dec 10, 06:32pm

    Maybe that's an interesting twist -- writers who own an object identical to the one we'd sell. I don't think that's ever happened, that's for sure.

  • N685485489_1267930_8984.thumb
    Sari Cunningham
    Dec 19, 07:06pm

    My vote goes to the egg whisk as well.

  • Sigobjlogo_red.thumb
    Rob Walker
    Dec 21, 07:37am

    It's looking very egg-whisky, as it were.

  • Juno.thumb
    Juno Verse
    Jan 14, 12:20am

    So when do we move on to the next object here? I have an egg whisk piece written up, and no it isn't strictly speaking a story with various character development things going on that no one will care about, but it is an engaging little read.

    So can we move on here or what?

  • Sigobjlogo_red.thumb
    Rob Walker
    Jan 22, 02:43pm

    Sorry for the delay, official announcement on Monday!

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