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  • Richter.thumb
    Oct 15, 11:26pm

    Hi Portlanders - it's nice to meet you and I'm glad to be here!

  • Selfport-filter_thumb.thumb
    Hobie Anthony
    Oct 16, 02:14am

    We got three!

    Welcome Marcelle!

    Hey, how about we post Portland-themed stuff? I'll pull a prompt I got last weekend: Ten Things I Love About Portland.

    I have a flash on that prompt which I'll clean up and post soon.

  • Gold_coat_avatar.thumb
    Daniel M. Landolt-Hoene
    Oct 17, 01:16pm

    helloooo portland. i two weeks away from returning to your beautiful wet sidewalks. i could not be more excited. looking forward to reading more local work!

  • Selfport-filter_thumb.thumb
    Hobie Anthony
    Oct 17, 10:13pm

    It's a wet one today. Rain season is back.

    Welcome Daniel!

  • Smith_adam.thumb
    A. Pseudonym
    Oct 30, 09:38pm

    Hi All - nice to make your virtual acquaintance. I look forward to reading your stuff!

  • Mohawk_profile.thumb
    Sean Brown
    Nov 07, 08:59pm

    Hi Portland.

  • Selfport-filter_thumb.thumb
    Hobie Anthony
    Nov 10, 04:03am

    Welcome to A. and Sean.

    I'm glad to see some Portland lit being posted. I must revisit an old short story to see if it's readable...

  • Amtrak-cropped.thumb
    Duane Poncy
    Aug 03, 10:42am

    Hello, fellow Portlanders.

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