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    Rachna K.
    Feb 20, 12:20am
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    Joani Reese
    Feb 20, 07:01pm

    What an odd post

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    eamon byrne
    Feb 25, 08:00pm

    Thanks for bringing our attention to this Rachna. I have a copy of Kind Surgery. Matt's poetry is something I like very much. Matt was the first person to comment on the first piece I published on this site, several years ago. It was a very generous comment and encouraged me immensely. I value him as a fine writer and a friend.

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    Amantine B
    Feb 26, 11:23am

    It is so good to see he is still writing. He and I corresponded for a time and he generously sent me several of his chapbooks. Am with Eamon, a fine writer. Thanks for this heads up
    Rachna. x x

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    Rachna K.
    Feb 27, 11:33pm

    Thank you all for checking out his work. :)

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    Mathew Paust
    Mar 01, 01:07am

    The title alone is engaging. I wish Matt and his book well.

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    Joani Reese
    Mar 15, 02:18am

    He wrote that years ago; hence, my comment.

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    Rachna K.
    Mar 17, 10:35pm

    Re: years ago, not all of it. As per him, a bunch of stuff is new. It is his first book.

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    Charlotte Hamrick
    Mar 23, 02:50pm

    I’m with Eamon and Amantine - Matt welcomed me here immediately and has always been kind and generous with his time and encouragement. The book is wonderful and innovative, like his poetry. It’s not the same “Kind Surgery” of earlier years that he has shared in the past.

    Thank you for posting, Rachna.

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    Rachna K.
    Mar 23, 11:22pm

    Sure thing, C <3

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Apr 26, 07:22pm

    The link to Lulu no longer works, but you can get the book here...

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    Rachna K.
    May 03, 02:54pm

    Thanks James.

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