Forum / Winner, winner, parrot dinner!

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    Adam Sifre
    Nov 09, 10:21am

    Come read "Papa's Parrot," winner of the New Millennium competition! Make sure you leave glowing comments, as I will be using this to impress women in poorly lit bars.

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    Mathew Paust
    Nov 09, 11:57am

    Brie goes great with those crackers, you know. Congrats!

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    Adam Sifre
    Nov 09, 09:44pm

    Thank ya.

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    Erika Byrne-Ludwig
    Nov 10, 03:27am

    "A parrot is always something more than a parrot."

    Quite a funny tale. Enjoyed it.

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    Nonnie Augustine
    Nov 11, 03:27pm

    Sad magic in this story, Adam. No wonder it won a prize. I shared it on FB and Twitter hoping people I like will read it. And even people I don't like. xxoononnie

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    Sam Rasnake
    Nov 11, 05:19pm


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    Gary Hardaway
    Nov 11, 07:16pm

    Congratulations, Adam.

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    Adam Sifre
    Nov 14, 01:50am

    Wow, thanks nonnie.

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