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    Jun 21, 01:22pm

    Many thanks to Fictionaut and to the 1000 readers who've found my essay which I have the presence of mind to post the link to here:

    This is my first and only Fictionaut offering to accumulate 1000 views, which heartens me chiefly because I have no website and no Facebook or Twitter accounts to stimulate views.

    I hope the essay continues to provoke, since the growing body of evidence for the therapeutic applications of LSD suggests that, just like cannabis, it has NO business being classed by the DEA as a Schedule I substance.

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    Gary Hardaway
    Jun 22, 12:27am


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    RW Spryszak
    Jun 22, 01:18am

    And I approve this message. (also congratulations)

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    Kitty Boots
    Jun 22, 01:23am


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    Rachna K.
    Jun 22, 02:00am


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    Charlotte Hamrick
    Jun 22, 04:49am

    Wonderful! Congrats!

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    Jun 22, 12:34pm

    Bolshoi spasibo, grazie, merci, gracias, and thank you all and each, Gary, RW, Kitty, Rachna, Charlotte, Fictionaut proprietors J├╝rgen, et al., all Fictionauts past and present, and all welcome visitors: thank you!

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    Mathew Paust
    Jun 22, 03:04pm

    Ditto what all of those who extended congratulations said!

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    Jun 22, 08:03pm

    Bolshoi spasibo, Matvei!

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    Sam Rasnake
    Jun 23, 04:59pm

    Good news.

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    Jun 24, 12:07am

    Many thanks, Sam, grazie.

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