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    Adam Sifre
    Jun 14, 03:00pm

    My mini screenplay "Entanglements" made it past round one. Where we were 1,500, we are now 250 (i think). The screenplay is posted here if anyone wants to share in the glory that is me.

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    Darryl Price
    Jun 14, 10:41pm

    Toot away--that's exciting!

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    RW Spryszak
    Jun 15, 03:28am

    Wow. No small accomplishment!

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    Adam Sifre
    Jun 18, 04:27pm

    Thanks. New Assignment is Horror. Natural Disaster. A New mother. 8 page max. three days. We'll see.

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    Adam Sifre
    Jun 25, 01:22pm

    Here's a link to my round two assignment.

    I now know that 8 minutes of screen time is approximately 1,500 words on paper. Fun Fact!

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    Adam Sifre
    Jul 20, 03:39am

    I placed first in round 2, with my horror screenplay "Broth."

    Final round is this weekemd.

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    David Ackley
    Jul 20, 01:02pm


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    Adam Sifre
    Aug 26, 01:34pm

    I ended up placing 7th out of 1,000 after the final round. (Won some sweet screenwriting software - it ain't $2,000.00, but it ain't nothing).

    In the third round, I had 24 hours to write a 5 page screenplay with a marine biologist and a hallucination.

    If anyone wants to take a gander at "Jake's Song":

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    Adam Sifre
    Aug 26, 01:35pm

    Edit: 7th out of 1,100.

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    Mathew Paust
    Aug 26, 02:38pm


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    Adam Sifre
    Sep 02, 06:03pm

    Thanks matt

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