Forum / Welcome, new Fictionauts!

  • Frankie Saxx
    Mar 02, 12:12pm

    So far Dan, Heidi, and Jessica have joined. Welcome, guys!

    And everyone, shove over and make some space. More may be arriving any moment.

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    Dan Pullen
    Mar 02, 01:35pm

    Thanks, Frankie!!

  • Nessly.thumb
    Ray Nessly
    Mar 02, 05:16pm

    Welcome, all! Looking forward to your stories and comments.

  • Curse_of_frankenstein_fsteinoldtimeyscience2.thumb
    Sam Rasnake
    Mar 02, 06:14pm

    Welcome to Jessica, Heidi, and Dan. Glad you're here.

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    Gary Hardaway
    Mar 02, 07:17pm

    What happened? Hell froze over?

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    Charlotte Hamrick
    Mar 02, 08:32pm

    Welcome Dan, Heidi, and Jessica. Frankie is amazing so I'm sure y'all are too. Looking forward to reading your work.

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    Charlotte Hamrick
    Mar 02, 08:37pm

    Although, I think there needs to be a new "Welcome primer" that lets new people know there's virtually no administrator, you're pretty much on your own, email doesn't work, and there are quite a few whiners. Oh, but also quite a few wonderful people with a very generous spirit. Good luck!

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    Arturo Ruiz
    Mar 03, 02:09am

    Welcome, all!

  • U83nwadr_400x400.thumb
    Jack Fraser
    Mar 03, 02:30pm

    Hey everyone!

  • 20151017_101040_resized.thumb
    Dave Hemmings
    Mar 03, 02:50pm

    Greetings, all

  • Frankie Saxx
    Mar 03, 05:47pm

    Welcome Jack and Dave! Nice to have you. :)

  • 20151017_101040_resized.thumb
    Dave Hemmings
    Mar 03, 08:25pm

    Thank you!

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    Adam Sifre
    Mar 03, 09:31pm

    Are these undocumented writers?

  • Face1.thumb
    Dan Pullen
    Mar 04, 01:02am

    Sort of. I became a writer when I authored my documents. Think on that one!

  • Photo%2015.thumb
    Gary Hardaway
    Mar 04, 11:37am

    Welcome, all.

  • Dscf0571.thumb
    David Ackley
    Mar 04, 03:30pm

    Fresh air! thanks, Frankie.

  • Tim_9.thumb
    Tim Young
    Mar 05, 09:54pm

    Always great to have new people!

  • Nessly.thumb
    Ray Nessly
    Mar 10, 06:06pm

    Welcome to Fictionaut, McKenna Donovan. I'm from Seattle too, and write about it sometimes, and am likewise a (relatively) new user, having joined about a year ago. At the top of the forum is a sticky topic with hints that you'll no doubt find helpful. I wish had told me about it when I joined.
    Looking forward to reading your stories.

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