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    Gary Hardaway
    Feb 20, 01:25am

    How has the election of the Asshole in Chief affected your work?

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    David Ackley
    Feb 20, 07:04pm

    It's distracting to put it mildly. Fortunately I'm in the middle of a long piece that has its own gravitational pull and has a good way of opening more tracks to explore. Or are they sidetracks? In either event, it keeps me working. For those who can't keep away from Twitter or the evening news or whatever bullhorn is blowing Trump's insanity, I'd suggest purposely starting a long(long) novel; who knows? by the time you come up for air, or finish, this madness, for better or worse, will have finished too.

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    Ray Nessly
    Feb 20, 08:06pm

    It's very distracting. Every day, with SCROTUS at the helm, it's some other pileup on the ol' orange highway. Yes, I like David's suggestion, start a long novel. Or take up an all-consuming hobby. Heroin, say.

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    Adam Sifre
    Feb 20, 11:52pm

    I'm using a lot less adverbs, bigly.

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    Gary Hardaway
    Feb 21, 12:54am

    Thank you all. My own small projects seem redirected but unhindered. But anger has always been a subtext for me.

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    Tim Young
    Feb 21, 08:49am

    It is difficult to put aside. It seems to have the ability to creep into
    not only the writing but everything. Yes, ducking into a novel length project is a good idea but when coming up for air the stench still remains.
    But we a a part of this world so all that we absorb or bounce off of is what we got. Let's have a drink!

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    Gary Hardaway
    Feb 21, 11:00am

    I wonder how alcohol sales are doing- well, I suspect.

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    Dianne McKnight-Warren
    Feb 21, 02:29pm

    I am working on a story about an illegal abortion, but it's hard because I'm depressed. The election broke my heart.

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    Gary Hardaway
    Feb 21, 05:50pm

    Dianne, it was and is a calamity.

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    Dianne McKnight-Warren
    Feb 21, 06:58pm

    I know.

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    Gary Hardaway
    Feb 23, 05:38am

    Worse than 45 is the Republican Congress, empowered by this asshat.

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    Mathew Paust
    Feb 23, 03:16pm

    I'm avoiding Facebook, looking ahead to the 2018 congressional elections and taking heart from this:

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Feb 25, 09:24pm

    I'm looking forward to 2018 when Trump will win again and you circle jerking-hive mentality driven bunch of libtards can continue your imbecilic complaining.

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    Arturo Ruiz
    Feb 28, 12:04am

    Distracting. No new writing happening. Just lots of revising and reading. And despair.

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    Arturo Ruiz
    Feb 28, 12:19am

    Samuel, I mean really, libtards? I like you, but that's inappropriate. What is happening in this country (which isn't your country) is tragic -- it's not a joke. Would you like to get on the phone with my sister and talk her off the ledge every other day because she's in fear of losing her heath care? Would you like to talk to my coworker's son-in-law, whose family is in fear of deportation? Human lives and livelihoods are at sake, and you're being a jerk.

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