Forum / New lit zine for kids and young adults -- please have your young people submit!

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    Michelle Elvy
    Nov 17, 06:46pm

    Hi all --

    Posting the link to a new lit zine that my daughter Lola has started with a friend. Both are 14 and inspired -- and they want to find other people to connect with, too!

    Check it out: fingers comma toes.

    They are accepting submissions from kids through Nov 30. Please share!

    Have your kids send them their beautiful work -- art, poetry, stories, music!

    Tell your students!

    They are looking for an international set of work to include in the inaugural issue.

    THANK YOU! Please support these young creative people -- and encourage other young creatives to hang out with them!

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    Charlotte Hamrick
    Nov 18, 06:13pm

    This is awesome, Michelle! I'll share with my friends and post on Facebook. Yay, Lola and friends!

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    Tabatha Stirling
    Nov 19, 08:32am

    My son (8) writers gorgeous poetry x

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    Michelle Elvy
    Nov 20, 01:48pm

    Thank you, Charlotte and Tabatha -- I hope your young ones will submit! Tabatha -- they have young writers in their midst, so do encourage your son to send his lovely words. Big smile!

  • Frankie Saxx
    Nov 23, 10:11am

    I sent it to my sister. If they get nyan cat surrealism, that would probably be my niece.

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