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    Barry Basden
    Nov 09, 05:20pm

    Since CPR has published so much fine writing from Fictionaut authors, I thought I'd post this here:

    CPR has five slots open for 2015. The last few pieces will be chosen because they cut me to the core. Or, as Joyce Carol Oates so eloquently told her students, writing "that must be done, having confessed emotions thought unconfessable, having said what had seemed should remain unsaid." Of course, I never know what that will be until I see it. If this rather arcane challenge appeals to you, CPR will pay $100 upon acceptance, with a chance for much more if your work is later selected as an Editor's Favorite. See guidelines at

  • Frankie Saxx
    Nov 09, 06:21pm

    Sorry to hear Camroc will be closing up shop. You've been a fine and beautiful thing and published some gorgeous work and amazing writers. (At least we get another year before it's gone. :) Thanks for posting, Barry.

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    Ann Bogle
    Nov 10, 04:33am

    Thanks for all you do, Barry. I kept the envelope you sent me to keep the handwriting on it. Because it is handwriting, I mean.

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    Robert Vaughan
    Nov 15, 03:28am

    Thanks for publishing me, and so many fine authors from around the cyber sites, including Fictionaut, Barry! You are a gem!

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    Christopher Allen
    Nov 20, 11:39pm

    Very sad to see CPR go. Thank you for this labor of love, Barry.

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    Gary Hardaway
    Nov 21, 02:32am

    Sorry CPR won't continue but very happy and proud to have been part of it.

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    Carol Reid
    Nov 21, 04:38pm

    CPR will be the Jim Morrison of online journals. I could belabor that one to death but I will restrain myself :)

    I love the spirit and substance of CPR . Thanks, Barry.

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    David Ackley
    Nov 21, 08:36pm

    Thanks, Barry.

  • Kreuzberg,%20germany%201992.thumb
    Robert Vaughan
    Nov 22, 11:54pm

    Hey Barry, not sure if it interests you, but the good folks like Mike Joyce and others at Literary Orphans, have plans to construct a project called The Rookery in which respected online journals that "end" (such as Elimae and many others) will live at this site in legacy "forever..."

    If you are not able to be in touch with Mike, let me know. I will put him in contact with you.

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    Sam Rasnake
    Nov 23, 12:26am

    I'll miss CPR. A fine venue. Thanks for all you've done, Barry.

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    Joani Reese
    Dec 10, 01:25am

    Thanks for making CPR such a wonderful venue, Barry. I am proud to have had a bit of work accepted by you. Thank you.

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