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    Kevin Myrick
    Apr 26, 10:24am

    Based off of H.M.'s thoughts in a different forum topic (Strictly out of curiousity...) here's my question: what's the best way to go about breaking up a long story that is serialized.

    I ask because normally when I sit down and write one piece, I do it in such a way that everything is tied into one single thought, one single theme. With something serialized, I'm not sure that would work in my particular case.


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    Walter Bjorkman
    Apr 26, 12:46pm

    mmmm - only comparison that I can make, is I have a 6 legged beast that is a jouney, start to finish, but was written perhaps 2,3,1,4,6,5 out of chrono. As I was writing, the later ones (written) knew of the earlier and incorporated references.

    I have presented three here (had a 4th up momentarily), but interestingly I went with 6, 5 the 2 (the one that started it), I think I wanted to start strong and I think 5 & 6 are those. I had to minimally edit. But this is a case where each segment can stand alone.

    So I would apply this to the longer singular story, written in one line, and ask:

    "If I break here, would what appears on the page be able to be its own creature?"

    Or at least as close to itself as could be given the task at hand.

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    H-M Brown
    Apr 26, 11:19pm

    The best thing I can think of for your situation is find a spot in the chapter that looks like you cliffhanger it into and slap a To Be Continued at the end. Of course it may also mean typing in the title of your submission. Chapter 1 (Part 1) and then wait until that post goes out of the front page so you can post Chapter 1 (Part 2).

    I'll be honest that sounds insane.

    Curious though, is it a long prose Short Story or is it a full blown novel with no Chapter breaks?

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    Kevin Myrick
    Apr 27, 06:45am

    More Novella in parts.

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    David Ackley
    Apr 27, 07:16am

    Whatever, Kevin. Show us that puppy.

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    H-M Brown
    Apr 27, 11:16am

    If it's a novella in parts. Then post the parts up individually.

    Enter, 'Story Name - Part X' as your title, and post up what you wrote.

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    Kevin Myrick
    Apr 27, 11:45am

    David: you guys get to see it when I'm done editing.

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