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    Andrew Stancek
    Jun 06, 04:14pm

    Tin House has been running a flash contest for a number of weeks, called Master Plotto. This week my entry, Smell of Water, is the winner.

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    Julie Innis
    Jun 06, 04:15pm

    Andrew, I was just heading over here to post the link myself - congratulations, a story deftly told and well-deserving of 1st Place.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Jun 06, 04:18pm

    Congratulation, Andrew, proof again of the quality in your work.

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    James Claffey
    Jun 06, 05:14pm


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    Tina Barry
    Jun 06, 06:31pm

    Fantastic! Congrats.

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    Christopher Allen
    Jun 06, 11:04pm


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    Sam Rasnake
    Jun 07, 12:20am

    Great news.

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    Andrew Stancek
    Jun 07, 05:27pm

    Thanks, friends! I could not keep on writing or living without the support I keep receiving from so many. Particular thanks now to Julie, James, James, Tina, Christopher, Sam.

    So many of you have been there with a helping hand and a kind word when I needed it.

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    Jane Hammons
    Jun 07, 06:22pm

    very cool, Andrew!

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    David Ackley
    Jun 07, 07:06pm

    Great work, Andrew.

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    Susan Tepper
    Jun 07, 08:46pm

    Andrew so incredibly cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Susan Tepper
    Jun 07, 08:50pm

    OMG Andrew,I just popped over there to read your story and now I know why you won: SPLENDIFEROUS.

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    John Riley
    Jun 07, 08:51pm

    Great and deserved news, Andrew!

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    Matthew Robinson
    Jun 07, 11:40pm

    Very deserving, Andrew. Excellent piece.

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    Andrew Stancek
    Jun 08, 12:29am

    I cannot say enough times how much I appreciate the support of all of you. That is what makes continued writing possible. Thanks to Jane, David, Susan (!), John, Matthew.

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