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Cherise Wolas – Aug 12, 2010

fn cut me off! Ah, this isn't a flash comment. In any case, I appreciated your need to express your views and they have been noted. Best, Cherise

Cherise Wolas – Aug 12, 2010

Thank you for your opinions on In The Lake. I found it rather remarkable that a rather thorough discussion followed about my work. As I wrote on the story's comment page, I do agree with your views of flash, sometimes. I think when it is well done, it can work beautifully. Capturing a world, the subtext of siblings engaging in exploratory behavior and its attendant sibling power struggle, for example, in few words takes far more time than the relatively few words indicate, and hopefully is far more precise than a multi-thousand word story. That said, while I agree that perhaps incest per se has been overdone, that is not what is really going on here between the sisters. Yes, perhaps that might be the legal term, but it about much more. That too being said, I am developing this piece into something longer, which sets out the sisters' relationship, and ongoing play and struggle between them. I may or may not post here. But I wanted you to know I appreciated your need to

Joel Bahr – Jul 20, 2010

You're correct, that is Florence behind me. I went to Italy for 10 days while I spent a semester in Madrid, Spain. Wonderful city.

Matthew Salesses – Jul 16, 2010

Thanks on "Conqueror." Appreciate it.

Christian Bell – Jul 14, 2010

Thanks for your comments on "Police Blotter"!

Elizabeth Hegwood – Jul 14, 2010

Yeah, Haslett is crazy talented. Hoping for another book soon.

Jack Swenson – Jun 17, 2010

Peter, Re your comment on "Naked Ladies": You took the words right out of her mouth.

Meg Pokrass – Jun 09, 2010

Hey, thank you for your suggestions on "Pet Loss". I have thought about both of those very good points myself. I really appreciate it!

Jack Swenson – Jun 03, 2010

Hey, I like your title suggestion. Thanks!

tandu – May 31, 2010

all the breast.

Bill Yarrow – May 23, 2010

Thanks for your comment on "Natchez Shrapnel." I'll check out the song.

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