Louise Norlie

Location Northeast, USA
Occupation Paper Shuffler
Website http://louise-norlie.blogspot.com

About Me

My publications have cropped up like lazy but persistent weeds here and there on the internet and in print.

One recent publication is here: http://killauthor.com/issuefive/louise-norlie

Meanwhile, I have been putting in my time in a bureaucratic cubicle, where I shuffle papers and push buttons deep within the belly of a dank and malodorous building. Each day there gets a little longer.

Louise Norlie's Wall

Louise Norlie – Mar 10, 2010

Thanks, Carol! I joined just now.

Carol Novack – Mar 09, 2010

hi louise -- i'm rarely here, but mad hatters' review is. hope you join the group! - have fun!

Darryl Price – Jan 25, 2010

I like your style. Checking out your blogspot. You work hard. That's good stuff.

Marc Lowe – Jan 24, 2010

Hi there! Glad to see that you made it to Fictionaut...


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