John Pivovarnick

Location Northeastern Pennsylvania
Occupation Geek by trade.
Website http://

About Me

Geek pigeonholed into writing geeky non-fiction. So I stopped. It's fiction or nothing! [Unless there's a check, of course.]

Why do you write?

Coffee mostly. Whiskey. If I don't write, my head will explode.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Vonnegut. King. Graham Greene. Heinlein. Anthony Burgess. I scoff at your genre distinctions.

John Pivovarnick's Wall

Lynn Beighley – Feb 03, 2012

I like my genre with a side of human liver and a cheap Chianti.

John Pivovarnick – Feb 03, 2012

I suppose I'll have to find or write something to post now. Poopfart.

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