Greg Thomas

Location Washington Heights
Occupation writer- father- marketing

About Me

Greg Thomas is a writer living in Manhattan. He has a masters in nonfiction writing from The New School (NYC) and a theater degree from Carnegie-Mellon University. He has written for numerous publications and websites including International Family Magazine, the Above the Bridge reading series in Washington Heights, and

Why do you write?

I liken my writing to a macro-photograph seen a year ago Monday (or Tuesday). Can I call it macro-photo-psuedo-rememberance? The process is much closer to a view of the world than the actual fact of it. I write this way because it feels familiar, spiritual, and true. also, the act of writing allwos me to think and define clearly my thoughts; to express feelings which are often fleeting. There are many, many reasons more why I bother to write.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Nonfiction graphic novels (Sacco, Speigelman, Satrapi), Gourmet Magazine Cookbook, The Exorcist, Dangerous Laughter, Lush Life (Hadju), Veronica, Harry Potter (unusual for me), Athol Fugard plays, David Sedaris, PUSH, Book of Lists, George Orwell, on and on...

Greg Thomas's Wall

Trace Sheridan – Dec 06, 2009

welcome--looking forward to reading your work~

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