Don Taylor

Location Hinterlands of Germany
Occupation Art DIrector / Writer / Dad
Website http://

About Me

I am a former ad man from New England who gave up midnight hour copy changes, caffeine overdoses, and award-winning epiphanies to reside in Europe to change midnight-hour diapers, suffer caffeine withdrawal and relish award-winning naps.

I have yet to have anything published, but I'm getting closer. In the near future, I will seek representation for my tragicomedy novel, POP!. You might see a few excepts for POP! here. If I get brave enough.

Why do you write?

I write to create. After selling my creative vision to clients for over a decade, I had irreparably tarnished the way I convey myself visually. But the urge was still there. I had too much to say. No way of saying it. I had to get my vision out into the public before it made my brain explode, or before I drowned it in the delicious elixir known as bourbon. So one day, I closed up Photoshop and opened up Word. The world realigned. And all is well.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Steinbeck. Eugenides. DeLillo. Boyle. Saramago. Nabokov. Miéville.

The younger version of me read a lot of comic books and sci-fi. And though I don't read as much genre fiction today, I will always recommend friends to try Warren Ellis' "Transmetropolitan" or Alfred Bester's "The Stars My Destination." They both have stained my brain.

Don Taylor's Wall

Darryl Price – Mar 20, 2012

Put on your brave face and give us POP!Welcome to Fictionaut.

Benjamin Matvey – Mar 19, 2012

Nice to e-meet you! Looking forward to your stuff!

Robert Vaughan – Mar 19, 2012

Welcome, Don!

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