Dan Frazier

Location Arizona
Occupation Software Engineer (Retired)
Website http://www.printingplaceaz.com/FrazooLand

About Me

Old, fat and bald, but happy. I love to write and explore alternate universes.

Why do you write?

I enjoy writing. When asked why, I really can only say, "I do it for me." I find so many things pop into my head. Some get lost in the hustle of life. Others, I have somehow managed to write down. Good or bad, it is interesting to see one's own thought processes and emotions evolving.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Douglas Adams
Kurt Vonnegut
Michael Crichton

I love all their books. Favs for each would be Hitchhiker's Guide, Cat's Cradle and Andromeda Strain

Dan Frazier's Wall

Gloria Garfunkel – Apr 19, 2013

See Forgotten Bones for comment.

Marcy Dermansky – Apr 09, 2013

Glad you are here. Glad you are already participating.

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