Curtis Silver

Location Florida
Occupation Writer

About Me

Humorist, cynical, sarcastic writer residing in the swamp land of Florida. Boiled in awesomesauce at a young age, forced to drown in the sorrows of reality. Formed own reality based on lies and irreverent truths. Grew up in the brain scan death bringing depression of the 1980's. Writes like a boss, most of it is nonsensical whackness. Head is large.

Found on the internet by holding out a long stick or on Twitter @cebsilver,as Core Contributor at &, as PR Liaison & Brand Ambassador for Gunnars Optiks, as Co-Executive Editor of Email at

Why do you write?

My creativity is fueled by several things. The first of which is a clear mental issue that is yet to be properly identified but is not debilitating. The second is a very unique perspective on the world around me, bordering on the irreverent and slightly insane. So I write because that is the best outlet for my designs on the world, though I find at times that I'm too ADHD to get anything completed so then I write to no end, which in itself is some sort of irony but whatever.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Hunter S. Thompson, Kurt Vonnegut, and some other people I'm sure. Growing up I read a lot of Thompson in Playboy, so that's my favorite book. Plus, there are pictures of naked chicks in there so that helps.

Curtis Silver's Wall

Robert Vaughan – Feb 10, 2012

Oops, sorry, I meant Curtis! Haha!

Robert Vaughan – Feb 10, 2012

Welcome to Fictionaut, Benjamin!

Benjamin Matvey – Feb 05, 2012

Any friend of Lynn's is cool in my book. Welcome Curtis!

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