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David Erlewine – Oct 01, 2009

staggering around the house after finishing Scorch. holy f. not sure how to compliment it properly. f.

Dulce Maria Menendez – Sep 30, 2009

Wow people are referring to you as "The" Blake Butler. I am impressed.

J├╝rgen Fauth – Mar 26, 2009

how many blake butlers are there?

Meg Pokrass – Mar 25, 2009

hi Blake Butler!

Rachel Yoder – Mar 06, 2009

Hi Blake Butler!

David Erlewine – Mar 05, 2009

And, f, I'm still pissed I missed the 5:10 readings a few weeks ago.

David Erlewine – Mar 05, 2009

"The" Blake Butler? Very cool.

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