Martin Reed

Location London

Why do you write?

If I figure that out I'll be cured and won't need to write. For now, I'm enjoying the compulsion.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I don't have favourite authors as such. I read quite a range, from literary to experimental to science fiction to classical. I suppose what's more pertinent are the authors with whose styles I identify most closely. They're far from 'favourite' because reading them can be annoying. It gets in the way of my writing. Not the act of reading, but I start reading them and their fantastic voices knock my own voice askew and I end up trying to ape them. Too many 'I wish I'd written that' moments. There's nothing favourite about that. Bastards. A few examples of these literary distractors...

Haruki Murakami, Hanif Kureshi, Ali Smith, Charles Dickens, Kurt Vonnegut, Raymond Carver, Iain (M) Banks, George Orwell, James Kelman.

In a parallel universe, they sit in irritation at my voice, trying to ape it, in vain.

Martin Reed's Wall

Michelle Tandoc – Feb 04, 2009

Why hello there, Martin! :)

Joel Willans – Feb 03, 2009

Glad hear you had your Doh! moment Martin. My ego has it's moments, but even with Junior impending I'm still yet to believe I'm the holy hippie reincarnate!

Somehow he seemed appropriate in such a cloud white place.

C.J.F – Feb 02, 2009

Hiya! Lovely and clean in ere, in't it?

Sara Crowley – Feb 02, 2009

Hello Martin...

R. Mangla – Feb 01, 2009

Glad to see you here Martin.

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