Appreciating the Adagio because of Hardaway

by Tyler Berg

Gary wrote in beautiful brevity of this most fabled story told with strings.
Of it's breathtaking majesty and boundless power.
I am crushed.
That such beauty exists and eludes my comprehension
Damn that something so immense should alight within my mind!
Damn that something so marvelous should escape my definition!
Damn that this thing, this horrifying masterpiece should  even exists!
A maelstrom of emotion roars within me.
Mind and soul lifted by its strains
Dashed against the jagged rocks of  realization.
Nothing stands equal to this among gods and men.
I am as Eve who bit the fruit most forbidden and found all others lacking.
I am grateful and indignant all at once that someone should  show me such an ethereal nightmare of near divinity.
For better or worse,
Thanks Gary.