Desert Storm, an Infrared Dream/David Avidan

by tsipi keller

Desert Storm, an Infrared Dream


On January 17, 1991 I woke up at 02:45 from a neo-surreal dream with a slight not very serious feeling of suffocation a pre-asthma attack instantly stifled with the inhalation of

            Ventolin and of two atmospheres

of a home model oxygen tank and at once switched on the lights annoying Dafni who was

            trying to sleep

and I told her give me a break the war is on the Americans are bombing the hell out of


and in spite of her protests I turned on the radio and then the TV and followed the action till morning and thereafter until the end of the strike together with the Air Force and the

            television crews and CNN

and as I began to type away after Dafni had urged me to document the dream patience

            details to come

the electric typewriter went dead in the middle of the sentence and for a moment I feared

            some electric disturbance but the socket was soon fixed

and what I dreamed was directly connected a situation had developed having to do with

            value judgments regarding x-ray/ infra-red images

of previous dreams and the balance of images indicated a certain defect in the holistic

            wholeness of justice

which presumably originated in a certain power-play in which I was involved directly or

            indirectly and I insisted

on printing the rest of the images in order to complete the picture and relieve myself of

            some doubts

about the multifaceted network of my dreams in the days preceding Desert Storm and all

            the preparations and intentions and directions

and now Dafni is on the phone with Tamar regarding some minor insignificant one-time

            orgiastic episode

after she'd spoken excitedly with her sister Shevi the two of them write poetry but Dafni

            also illustrates and will do well financially

but it can't be helped the female now is out of the picture the male is up in the air on the

            ground in American Air Force bases in Saudi Arabia

and in the bases of the Israeli Air Force great joy peer solidarity mixed with a smidgen of

            frustration tactical appraisal the envy of horny pilots

coveting the situation in the skies of Baghdad dying to be up there since midnight or take

            off even now at 06:30 and it is quite clear

that if the Israeli Air Force had taken the mission upon itself the operation would have

            been just as swift elegant and deadly

and for all taxi cabs it is business as usual all transmission devices active anyone who

            wants to come see me male or female is invited

to an orgy to a séance to an acid trip to World War Three to anything that gives you a

            high a hard-on and brings females back into the male worldview

that lands and takes off and lands and takes off and lands and takes off like the in and out

            of a giant virile dick up in the heavens

and this is the end of the dream and the beginning of awakening and the beginning of the

            new world and the right order on a confused planet

ten years before the end of the century and its beginning and thirty minutes before 07:00

            and an hour after

the call of the muezzin and the morning prayers and the War Room at Hakirya and the

            global and the Israeli communication satellites

and Dafni and I here and Shevi alone at home and Tamar who cannot attain the heights

            of the act with Yossi the bum

but what's one to do when there's no one else you take in anyone for if you have no one

            better let there be at least someone

because the stiff weapons are up there so let there be at least one dick down below just in


because carnage brings on the carnal and the carnal brings on the carnage and the two of

            them together in one bed lesbian love[1]

in Chinese yin and yang and on American waterbeds and on Israeli-made mattresses in

            Tel Aviv

but what are small individual orgasms compared with the aerial orgasm in the skies of the

            Middle East

so he who finishes inside finishes inside and he who finishes outside finishes outside and

            he who finishes Baghdad finishes Baghdad










[1] In Hebrew, “lochma” (warfare/carnage) and “yochama” (horny/carnal) are feminine nouns.