A Story About A.Who Wants to Be An Entrepreneur

by stephen hastings-king

A. wants to be an entrepreneur but cannot get with the program.

A is thinking that in any given system any pool of data is also a climate. The actions of list-making required to access that data have effects inside the climate and are affected by it.  But because people focus on what is ordered and not on the ordering these effects are invisible except when all the letters of a record are found in a pile or when chains of duplication turn up without explanation.

So each data pool is a climate and each climate has its own weather.  That weather may be predictable.

But each system is its own generality.

About this, he thinks: It'll be hard to make any money.


But A wants to be an entrepreneur.  He lands upon the idea of a meta-system.  But any meta-system would include subsystems it models.  So any meta-system would be subject to the weather particular to each subsystem and the weather created by their proximity and the weather that might take shape within the data specific to the meta-system. 

It is not obvious what meta-weather is. 

Is there such a thing? 

About that, he thinks: Maybe I just invented it.


A wants to be an entrepreneur but cannot get with the program.

He wonders if an explanation lay with this sort of thinking.  But he does not know how to observe the workings of the sort of thinking he relies on.  The best he can do is to locate effects of this way of thinking elsewhere in his life. 

 Like the blankets on his bed. 

About them, he thinks: Those blankets reach levels of disorganization quite unknown to normal beds.

Soon his head hurts.