Dear Earth, On the Occasion of Your 40th Earth Day Birthday

by Sharon Hurlbut

Everyone is tromping around

in work boots

like an army

of happy gardeners.

The park is smiling

from all this attention,

from the sound of kids

who think work is play.

It's not even sunny

but we don't mind.

I know you don't.

Grey days are just as good.

They've marked off

Mama Duck's little nesting place

and the handful of trilliums

so they won't get trampled

as we carry our loads

of fresh mulch.

We spread it around

as if laying a blanket

over our own child.

Afterward, we eat cupcakes

with sprinkles

and sing the birthday song

just for you, complete

with cha-cha-chas.

And Many More, we sing.

And Many More.