The Snake Pit

by S.H. Gall

I have been trapped in this hospital since October 9th. It is almost Christmas. I came here of my own volition to escape Gun Violence in the streets and they shot me full of drugs, 302-303'd me and then 304'd me so I can't be released. I am not psychotic and not addicted to any drug or alcohol. I came here for protection and have been kept here against my will with no proper attorney or judge to rule on my case. They shoot me up with medication I don't want and restrain me when I try to release my anger on my mattress. They come in my room without knocking and I'm nekkid. There are roaches. Another patient punched me in the face and my left eye is damaged. I can't see from that eye anymore. They always tell me to forgive but how can I?

My moms is very ill and I need to be there for her. I am detained here. All I want is to be free.