A Lot of Things to Tell You (from FATHER MUST)

by Rick Rofihe

     Do I bother you?
     You are kind. Very kind.
     I'd like to stay here -- if that pleases you.

     Are you better? A little better?
     You're making fun of me -- rest a little! Rest!

     What a pleasure to talk to you. I understand everything you say.
     Listen to me -- I'd like you to rest. I'd like you to be happy.
     I have a lot of things to tell you. A lot of things.

     Most people never take the time to live -- it's not difficult. It's even very easy.
     It's so simple! Imagine!

     How long have you been waiting for me? How long?
     We'll talk about it some other time. This afternoon. This evening. Midnight. Tomorrow.

     Everything will go all right. Everything. I'm certain of it.

     You see? You understand me, don't you?

     You are kind. Very. Kind.

     I enjoy it here. I'm no longer tired. Everything is so different.

     You look surprised. You look younger. Tell me what surprises you.