Oprah's Sister Murdered My Story

by Pamela J. Parker

Dear Patricia,

You look marvelous. You seem marvelous. You've added wonder to Oprah's life and that's no small feat. But, here's the thing. I was working on this short story about a relative trying to get in touch with O, one of thousands, except, this one, well this one really was a relative. And no one believed her. My character was Yvette and she was rather a mess. The story wasn't working. Who would believe it? And then, there you were — real and fabulous. You didn't mean to kill my story, I know that. But you did, because your real story is way, way better than my fiction. Wishing you only the best, even if you are an unintentional story-murderer.

Best, from an emerging writer who is now one story short,