Love Verse

by Nonnie Augustine

Love Verse

A gentle man,

and a fierce woman,

charmed one another

in a shaded gazebo.

Rupert's castle showed crumbles.

Irene's prized roses had bugs. 

Each soothed the other

sipping Zinfandel in Bath.

Tommy's boots flapped.

Polly's hem dragged.

She invited him over

for a rabbit stew supper.

Arthur's corners were round.

Sophie's darts were dull.

They rolled in the clover

down a slope past some goats.

Robert's inkwell dried up.

Elizabeth's verse wouldn't rhyme.

They thanked God they were lovers,

and got naked in Sienna.

A young girl

and a younger boy

blushed and bussed

on a Ferris Wheel in Vienna.