Quarter-turn the Quaternion

by Matt Kang

Blood splatter on the walls. There were flies, creating a flurry of auditory and visual static, like black rain. The carcass has been there for some time. From the head downwards, the steady decay of flesh cut away to stark bone. Then entrails, loose and ended. More blood. The blood was greenish black there.

The room lacked a roof, revealing the flat sky —a muddled black-blue haze of clouds and stars and moon, that repeated again and again. One could count fifty moons hanging in the sky, in rows and columns of smaller skies. The walls, looking closer, looked like they were grassy, like if the walls were earthen and planted; they turned into laces of aquiline blue whenever you looked at them with a sidelong glance.

The far-clipping plane wasn't far enough, I thought. Why isn't the sky set to GL_STRETCH? I stupidly used the terrain texture as the wall texture. I'd have to look through the code to see why it was turning blue. Probably a lighting problem.

The carcass looked good, though.

Alt then F4, quickly.