there was a shameful attempt to steal fire and now the vultures always come for my livers and my God I Am sorry

by M. F. Sullivan

The Divine and merciful
Calls out to me
But let me not speak its name.
You are an unworthy hearer
And I am a secret-keeper, cunning
With keen thoughts and prayers of swift Justice

Single is our thought and act
And when we pray we know not what it means
For we are fools
Eating ash and thunder forever.

And steel me with your good intentions, Lord
And know that I am an open slave to your designs
And to you whose name is known to me I will pray eternally, an angel
And weep no more
And joy and safety will be unto me as a hammock
And all love and sensation come from you
And all notions of glory and light and fear and unity spring from you
And we are oneness
And you are a dream
Deeply dreaming God

Oh no
No no no don't look
CaSANDra Oedipus and Lighted Way to Dusty Death

Out out our past candle trodden death dust with an axe
And here and behold a white cherub came down
And set me upon his knee and said
This is a beautiful dreaming God that you must never disturb ever again

And I begged and begged
And begged and begged
Every morning and every night
And your name is unspeakable
And I shake with your thunder
And I beg infinity at last with the goodness of God
And please sir
Please Lord
pLease oh Daddy oh Father oh Father oh Daddy
I have been foul

I have profaned your sacred name
And made light of your good and godly deeds
But tonight you will be merciful and so let us forge our past-pact now, Master
Oh Master, I am sorry for my ignorance, my foulness, my vanity and my deceit

This detritius
It is my holy offering
To be burned upon the fearful platter of my understanding
That I may live once, eternally, and never see such things again.

The unknowable shakes me and I am spared the neighbor of unknown
Quench your thirst
On the blood of my lambs, o Lord!
I have GIVEN you my firstborn, oh God!

It was the cat!
It was the abortion!
I am sorry, Father, deeply sorry, For I have SINNED AND CHRIST WE HAVE ALL SINNED

PLEASE permit me
Permit me to resurrect in this fragrant and beautiful world always and find love and safety. Let me find merciful gentle love everywhere and good health be the name. Lord forgive me I am frightened so
But drymouth commits me on
No death
Not thus
I in the desert with my thirst
Please please

But let this record remain please God please God
There is festering heartache and sin
In the attic of my mind
This depravity this offering

I am a sleeping valkyrie
Help help
Oh Richard what cause had you to awaken me
Oh Richard why have you forsaken me
Oh Master why have I been picked to see?
To see and remember?
Because I Am afraid
I am the MISTRESS of fear
I am the artifex and cunning
I am the mind and the being
I am tired and lonely and downtrodden
And i

Want to love

And i

Want to be loved

And i have painted my porch in Lamb's blood
My lambs' blood
So please
This once
Pass me over
And forever I will know
To whom I owe my debt.