and now for the news ...

by Lance Manion

Let's say for instance that you're part of a sports team and you see highlights of your last game on the television. I'm sure there's no small amount of pride involved.

Now let's say you're part of a larger group, say the Knights of Columbus or 4H and you see your organization mentioned in the news. Perhaps not as intense but there is still a small rush of recognition.

Taking it a step further, if you're overseas and you see a TV report involving someone from your country I bet there is still some small tingle inside as you sit amongst foreigners.

Now what if your team lost though?

What if your club was involved in wrongdoing?

What if your country was being talked about in an unflattering way?

Imagine for a moment you could buy into the concept that as a human every story involved you. You were actively part of a larger whole, every story would reflect on you. You would take it to heart because they might as well be talking about you personally because they are talking about a human and you are a human.

You are aren't you?

You'd avoid any TV news programs, I'll tell you that much. To the very best of your ability.