Sexual Revolution

by Julene Tripp Weaver

Sexual Revolution

In the mirror

it is the body she remembers

sexy as S and I and N

it is the fucking she remembers

full fledged 

hot and bothered

screaming orgasms

S and I and N

that will never 

come again

In the mirror

the body is constrained 

now   scared 

there is no more 

free love   no more

S and I and N

free as the ‘60s

love revolution and 

this is s and a and d

that reflects back 

in her mirror

This body of love 

that remembers

twisting hips

Amazon breasts

easy as S and I and N

into stray palms

The price paid

twofold in this new 

world after the free

reign fledged orgasms

we remember   changed

world   condoms

AIDS   all a sign of

the future that came